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All businesses deal with contracts. This is a necessity. One factor that can set successful businesses apart from unsuccessful businesses is how they handle contracts. It is imporant for you and your business to contact a Santa Rosa business contract attorney to ensure that your paper work is all correct.

Business Contract Attorneys in Santa Rosa

At the law firm of Shapiro, Galvin, Shapiro & Moran, our Santa Rosa business contract lawyers are committed to helping businesses handle contracts the right way. We have been doing this for more than 40 years, and we use our experience to assist with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts of all types, including employment contracts, buy/sell agreements and more.

Drafting Contracts

Writing contracts is an art form that requires much more than knowledge of the law. There is a balancing act involved. All parties involved in the contract must feel that they are being protected, that their needs are being met.

Our attorneys have the skill to put together solid contracts, contracts that are effective at achieving your goals, contracts that will stand up if put to the test in a court of law.

Reviewing Contracts

Contracts are rarely simple. In many cases, there is a great deal of text that can be challenging for people without a legal background to understand. Sometimes, this is used to bury things that could end up being a problem. In reviewing contracts, our goal is to see that you are protected. We will not let you enter into a contract unless it truly meets your needs.

Negotiating Contracts

The balancing act between your needs and the needs of the other party can become complicated in the negotiating phase. Our lawyers are skilled at this balancing act.

When negotiating contracts, our goal is to see that you get the most out of the agreement, while still maintaining an agreement that the other party feels is beneficial and will help you maintain a business relationship with that party.

Contract Disputes

Our law firm is available to resolve contract disputes of all types through business litigation.

Contact a Santa Rosa Business Contract Attorney Today!

Our Santa Rosa business contract attorneys can help with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts. Contact us today.

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